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SIITME 2017  Keynote Speakers

(in alphabetic order)

Keynote speaker:

Prof. Gheorghe Brezeanu, Ph.D.
Professor at Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology
Politehnica University of Bucharest

e-mail: gheorghe.brezeanu@dce.pub.ro

”Silicon Carbide (SiC) Sensors for Automotive Applications”

Gheoghe Brezeanu is Professor at Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty, University Politehnica Bucharest; since1994- PhD supervisor in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering with 20 PhD programs finalized and Director of Doctoral School of Electronics, Telecommunications and IT- since 2012

His area of competence is in: Nano-electronics, Microelectronics; Measurement and data acquisition systems for power devices; Ohmic contact measuring system; Pressure and temperature sensors, biosensors; DC-DC Converter for LED Biasing; Silicon carbide and diamond devices manufactured for the first time in Romania; Wide band semiconductor device and circuits models; Oxide edge termination profiles for power devices; Analogue integrated circuits.

He has experience in  research projects: 6 international projects (director) and 22 national projects/grants (director); Director of the Romanian MATNANTECH  programme – Chapter 7 – Micro, nanoelectronics andoptoelectronics – 2001-2008; Project reviewer and monitor within the frame of the following Romanian programmes: ORIZONT, MATNANTECH, RELANSIN, CNCSIS, CEEX, POSDRU – Since 1996; Member  (2005-2008) and Deputy Head (2008-2010) of the Engineering Sciences committee within the National Council for High Educatiuon (CNCSIS); Member of the Electronics and Telecommunications committee board within the National Council for Academic Titles, Diplomas and Certificates Validation (CNATDCU) – Since 2011; Vice-chairman of the IEEE International Semiconductor Conference (CAS) – Since 2005; Technical Program Committee member  of the  International Symposium on Signal, Circuits and Systems – Since 2009,  European Solid State Devices Research Conference (ESSDERC) – Since 2013 and  of  European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ECSCRM) – Since 2016.

Professor Brezeanu is the author of more than 250 papers (133 ISI), 5 patents, 19 books; H index: 12; over 700 citations.

Keynote speaker:

CEO Founder
Verdant Electronics
Seattle, Washington, USA
e-mail: joe@verdantelectronics.com

”Rigid Flex Circuits: A Technological Overview”

Joseph (Joe) Fjelstad, founder and CEO of Verdant Electronics, is 45-year veteran of the electronics industry and internationally known expert in the field of electronic interconnection technology. He is a serial entrepreneur and certain of the concepts found in his 175 plus US patents are also found in nearly every electronic device manufactured today.

Joe is also an author or coauthor of several books on electronics manufacturing and IC packaging technology including: The Printed Circuit Handbook, 7th Edition (2016) and Flexible Circuit Technology, 4h Edition (2012), both of which are the most widely read references on the topics and Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Handbook, 4th Edition and Chip Scale Packaging for Modern Electronics.

He has given lectures at numerous universities and researcher centers including CERN and NASA-JPL and has keynoted several electronics conferences.

Keynote speaker:

Professor Frédéric KRATZ, Ph.D.
Director of Research Development and Promotion Department
National Institutes of Applied Sciences INSA
Centre Val de Loire

e-mail: frederic.kratz@insa-cvl.fr

Aging modeling and state-of-health determination for lithium-ion batteries used in embedded applications

He is the author of more than one hundred and thirty scientific articles and has contributed to the drafting of a dozen chapters of books

He was Head of the team Automatic Control of Laboratory of Vision and Robotic at University of Orléans.

Now he is Director of Research Development and Promotion Department and Head of the team project RAMS and Diagnosis of Systems of PRISME Institute.

Research Interests:

  • Switched systems
  • Nonlinear systems
  • Observability, state estimation and control
  • Reliability Engineering; System Safety

Funded projects

  • “Diagnosis of hybrid systems”, CNRS GdR MACS & RTP 20.
  • “Diagnosis of common rail”, ERDF, ESF, French ministry fund, Regional council Loire Valley fund and Delphi Diesel Systems.
  • “Diagnosis of the radiotelescope of Nancay”, ERDF, ESF, French ministry fund, Regional council Loire Valley fund, General council of Cher department and CNRS.
  • “Biovolume”, HICEF (Hitachi Computer Products Europe France) division Smart Sensor.
  • “Capthom”, Cluster S2E2 (Sciences & Systems of Electrical Energy).
  • “Fost”, Intelligent Systems and Robotic Competitiveness Cluster: VIAMECA (FUI Project)
  • “CIA_IoT”, Centre-Loire Valley project

Keynote speaker:

Jose Sartori
Sales Director
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
e-mail: JoseGuilherme.Sartori@osram-os.com

”Trending and Future Applications in Opto-Semiconductors”

Jose Sartori is a Sales Director at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. With 24 years of Lighting Industry and 16 years of International experiences, he has being leading Sales Teams trough the LED conversion into Lighting.

He has being able to follow the LED “Era” since its first conversion into white light up to the latest achievements, where an LED efficiency could be higher than any other light source, and still allowing miniaturization, color control, and many other advantages.

In his session, he will be able to talk about the new trends on Lighting through Opto Semiconductors and where this would lead us; and how Lighting (Visible or not) would influence and connect us in the near Future!

Keynote speaker:

Professor Etienne SICARD, Ph.D.
INSA Toulouse, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering (GEI)
University of Toulouse, France

Web site: www.etienne-sicard.fr
e-mail: etienne.sicard@insa-toulouse.fr

EMC-Aware System Design – A focus on Integrated Circuits

Etienne Sicard received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, France. He is currently a professor at INSA of Toulouse, France, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research interest concern electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of integrated circuits (IC), in partnership with industry.

Since 2000, he has co-advised more than 15 PhD students in this field. He was elected for 2006-2007 distinguished lecturer of the IEEE EMC society, and has been chairman of several editions of EMC Compo international workshop. He has been an EMC consultant for major industries involved in 4 & 5G mobile network and mobile development.

He is the author of books and educational software in the field of IC design (Microwind), EMC of ICs (IC-EMC) and signal processing. He is also co-author of more than 200 technical and research papers.

Keynote speaker:

Radu Sporea, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Semiconductor Devices
Advanced Technology Institute,
University of Surrey, Guildford GU2 7XH, UK

e-mail: r.a.sporea@surrey.ac.uk

”Constructive use of metal-semiconductor contact effects in thin-film transistors ”

Dr. Radu Sporea is a Lecturer in Power Electronics and Semiconductor Devices at the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Surrey.

His PhD research in Large Area Electronics (University of Surrey – 2011) focused on new types of electronic devices fabricated using polysilicon, then the state-of-the-art material system for display screens. Since, his research focused on the practical aspects of large-area electronics, specifically on using metal-semiconductor contact effects constructively for increased amplification and power efficiency.

In 2010 he was awarded the EPSRC PhD+ (now Postdoctoral Prize) and, in 2011, the Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship, both held at the University of Surrey. In 2014, Dr. Sporea was identified as one of the EPSRC Rising Stars in Engineering.

Keynote speaker:

Dipl. Ing. Stefan Techau
ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG

e-mail: stefan.techau@asmpt.com

The necessary technological environment for competitive manufacturing

Stefan Techau started in the industry with vocational training in electronics in 1985 at AEG, then continued his journey with a stop at the FH Kiel to become graduate engineer in electronics. He has been working in the SMT industry for over twenty years now, having joined the company DEK in 1996.

Stefan Techau has held various positions in the DEK Sales organization and has extensive experience with the German as well as Central-Eastern-European markets. Today, Stefan Techau leads the ASM CRM team of the entire EMEA region, where he worked and succeeded to unite seven regional organizations to become an inspired team after SIPLACE and DEK became one joined company in 2014. A great team embedded within a powerful company that delivers innovative solutions to its customers he names as his key driver.

Keynote speaker:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. H. C. Mult. Klaus-Jürgen Wolter
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

e-mail: wolter@avt.et.tu-dresden.de

Automotive Electronics Packaging Trends

Prof. Klaus Wolter’s research interests have embraced many aspects of microelectronics packaging, including substrate technologies, assembly technologies, photonic packaging, MEMS, joining technologies, reliability of electronic packages, and non-destructive test methods.

He is well known as the co-editor and co-author of six textbooks, co-editor of three book series with a total of 39 books, author and co-author of more than 200 papers.

He is a senior member of IEEE-CPMT.

Prof. Wolter was the Director of the Electronic Packaging Lab at TU Dresden from 2003 to 2014. From March 2015 to March 2017, he was a visiting professor at the 3D Systems Packaging Research Center of Georgia Tech Atlanta where he researched on system-integration for advanced automotive electronics. Currently he is a senior professor at TU Dresden.